1970 - 1973

This Yellow House digital archive site contains a list of people and timeline for Martin Sharp's Yellow House artist community located at 57-59 Macleay Street, Potts Point, Sydney between February 1970 and March 1973. Included within the timelare are references to newspaper and contemporary reports. The idea for an Australian version of the artists colony first envisaged by Vincent van Gogh during the 1880s, took shape in conversations in London around 1968 between Martin Sharp and film maker Albie Thoms.Upon his return to Sydney early in 1970 Sharp began to put some of these ideas into place. Of the origins of the Yellow House, Martin Sharp noted the following in a 1982 interview: The outrageous cynicism of Martin's early OZ cartoons is over, and the collaction and relocation of popular images began with his production in the Yellow House, Sydney in the early 1970s. "There was some urge to do the Yellow House. I could not have done it in London. Maybe it